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August 26th
Firsts in the U.S.A.
On August 26, 1873, the St. Louis, Missouri, board of education established the first public school kindergarten in the U.S. Directed by Susan E. Blow, the kindergarten opened the following September in the Des Peres School with 42 students.

Here are a few other firsts in the U.S.A.

First: Library
City/Date: Charleston, SC – established 1698

First: Successful newspaper
City/Date: Boston, MA – published 1704 (Boston News-Letter)

First: Theater building
City/Date: Williamsburg, VA – built 1718

First: Public museum
City/Date: Charleston, SC – organized 1773

First: Cathedral
City/Date: Baltimore, MD – built 1806–51

First: Railroad station
City/Date: Baltimore, MD – built 1830 by B&O Railroad

First: Department store
City/Date: Vincennes, IN – opened 1842 by Adam Gimbel

First: Passenger elevator
City/Date: New York City, NY – installed 1857 by Elisha Otis

First: Cable car
City/Date: San Francisco, CA – began operating 1873

First: Zoo
City/Date: Philadelphia, PA – opened 1874

First: Electric streetlights
City/Date: Wabash, IN – installed 1880

First: Skyscraper
City/Date: Chicago, IL – built 1885 (10 stories)

American History Parade
John Fitch and James Rumsey, rival inventors, both receive patents for steamboats.

The slave ship Amistad is captured off Long Island, leading to a trial over the legal status of the Africans on board, who had taken control of the ship.

The St. Louis board of education establishes the nation’s first public school kindergarten.

As the Democratic National Convention begins in Chicago, thousands of anti-Vietnam War demonstrators take to the streets and clash with police.
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